Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Adventure Awaits

So after taking seven finals last week and having seven days until leaving I've been thinking a lot about school, careers, my future, past, relationships, money, and what it means to follow Christ sincerely. To follow Christ sincerely is to put Him first above all else. I must put Him above school, re-taking classes, student loans, homework, practicing, socializing, working, money...Above everything that gets in the way. It wasn't until I gave God everything that He became my everything.

Jesus lived a life of sacrifice. Therefore, the life of a Christian can't go without a sacrifice of some sort. In order to ensure you make a good grade on a test at times you must sacrifice something, right?Sleep, social interaction, your favorite Why do we sometimes act like Jesus doesn't call us to make a sacrifice? Instead we act as if we've been called to the exact opposite. We act as if we've been called to comfort, apathy, and selfishness. But the more I read the word the more I see scripture after scripture of how Jesus was beat, bloodied up, mocked, abused, denied, tempted, ridiculed, and crucified. I can't help but think of 1 Peter 4:12. Satan will tempt you, attack you, and he's constantly out to destroy you. But God is not Satan and He loves you like crazy. So why not Go and serve Him by serving others? Why not sacrifice a summer, winter, semester, year, money, shifts at work, people's opinions of you, and holidays? It's because of God that blessings exist in the first place. "Praise God to Who ALL Blessings flow." Every good and perfect gift comes from God. I deserve Hell and nothing more. But He has offered mercy and amazing grace! I'm leaving out of the country again in two days and I literally cannot contain my excitement!

THANK YOU to all who've given so generously and willingly. I praise Jesus for each of you whether acquaintance, dear friend, or complete stranger. Thank you for your prayers, support, encouragement and affirmation. I pray God will bless you mightily and know that He is already using you by sending me to share the love of Christ to others around the world who'd most likely never hear of Christ otherwise. Unless someone goes out to their community, city, town, village, hut...cardboard will they hear? I am completely blown away by the provision of God especially financially. God is a God of provision and protection, forever and always. I'm so ready for the adventure the Lord and I are about to embark on! To the ends of the Earth!

"God bring me closer to You on this trip whatever it takes!"

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