I'm just a 25 year child of God out to change the world by making it look more like Heaven on Earth for His Kingdom. I long to bring glory to God in all that I do whether that's laying down a sweet beat using my HANDS or having "Beautiful FEET," simply Going and doing what He is calling me to. My desire is to truly see what James 1:27 looks like in my own life; what it means to take care of orphans and widows and put their interests above my own. God has placed in me a deep passion to travel all around the world. From England and Africa to Ireland and East Asia, God continues to break my heart for the nations and lead me to places I never imagined. Not only do others hunger and thirst physically around the world, but also spiritually. As a follower of Christ I'm called to Go and tell others of this good news that has radically changed my life. I love to use my gift of music as an act of worship towards the ultimate pursuer of my heart. I'm fascinated by all cultures and how every rhythm has a similar heartbeat that pulses on one accord. God has placed on my heart a strong burden for the afflicted and oppressed. My heart aches for the orphans, widows, untouchables, unreached, unclean, beggars, and all those who've never experienced Christ's Love...much less love at all. I know God has wired me in such a way to reach these people specifically. So with the Holy Spirit as my compass, I'm going to do just that. As a woman who has had her share of hardship, I'm thankful that through the power of Christ I no longer just survive but thrive. God didn't make a new old me, but a complete New creation! I am a daughter that was once broken but restored, feeling unworthy but loved, stressed but hopeful, forgotten but noticed, abused but unstoppable, misused but valued, suicidal but rescued, depressed but joyful, anxious but peaceful, starving but fed, fearful but fearless, condemned but cherished, attacked but protected, fatherless but adopted. I can't help but sing praises to the One Who is my life, has given me life, and has made a way for me to live life abundantly.
I've seen some of the amazing things that God can do with a heart that's sold out for Him and willing to Go. It's incredible to know that God is in complete control. He Always Provides and Protects. 

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