Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beautiful Place.Beautiful People.Beautiful Jesus.

I will never forget the beautiful sweet time spent in fellowshiping with Gift,Magid,Delitso,Chifundo,Louis,Jafitah,Peter,
Lighter,Anita,and achemwali Merify.
Also Matt and Janet who are serving God and surely
Rocking it out for His kingdom in Lilongwe,Malawi.I hope to someday return.
Also Kym who is finishing her two years of mission work as a journey woman in August.
Time spent talking with her was very precious and treasured.She has such a big heart for Christ and it is evident that she loves people.She works through the IMB as a True Love Waits teacher in an act to help prevent AIDS.Both of Anitas parents died of Aids just last year.I will forever have a huge amount of respect to my amazing Chichewa translators and friends.It was a huge blessing to get to serve the Lord with them daily.
Please Pray for my loving brothers and sisters in Christ serving in Malawi,Africa.
They are constantly on my heart and I miss them dearly.

the group
our translators singing in the Kumilindi church

Gift"Piece of Work"

Chiphundo and his swanky self

Me and Petah with dinner

                                                                      new sister in Christ.I heart her =)
anga wokongola chemwalis Merify and Anita
"my beautiful sisters"


  1. Yay! You're going to be a great blogger - because you have a great heart!