Saturday, July 17, 2010

86 Years of Beauty

This week my 85 year old homebound Mamaw turned 86!!!
This is a Big Deal, especially due to the fact that about three years ago she got in a terrible car wreck and it was uncertain how long she'd live. Praising God for giving me another precious year with good ole Kathleen Moore. Though this year has been quite tough and often a challenge, it has also been one of the greatest blessings I could ever ask for. The other day my Mamaw said to me that she has learned more from me, a nineteen year old, than people that were twice my age....this was beyond humbling not to mention a major tear jerker. The most beautiful, sweet, compassionate, Loving, silly, crazy, goofy, cute, adorable, discerning, and kind hearted person I've ever known said she has learned from me!? Uh no, pretty sure it's the other way around.

I just love this lil ole 86 year old woman sooo...stinkin much. If you haven't met her yet, I strongly encourage it. She may ask you a gazillion questions and forget your name but by she'll surely compliment your hair and whatever else. She will give you the sweetest most goofy smile ever and what I love the most is how encouraging she is. She doesn't even try to most times....but the way she speaks and carrys herself will melt your heart. Though she has to use a walker to get around, can't drive a vehicle, and needs help getting dressed each day...She is by far one of the STRONGEST women I've ever known. No lie. I want to be just like her someday. She has such a sweet spirit and beautiful heart. She Loves others and puts their own interests above her's. To say she is absolutely amazing would be an understatement. I've cherished every second of getting to watch after her as her primary car giver. She has always been there for me. Though I have recently decided to move out in order to focus on school, I will forever and always hold the sweet times of living with her close to my heart. My Mammaw is superwoman, be jealous ;)




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