Monday, August 9, 2010

Beautiful Anas

These are some of the children"Anas" I fell in love with in Malawi:

This was the first kid I saw went entering the Warm Heart of Africa, the little girl in the black dress. She immediately stopped what she was doing when she saw us and starting running after our van.

Everytime I'd see her throughout the village, she'd second guess how she felt so she'd hide. Almost every picture I have from this village, she is hiding in the background...that little creeper, lol.
I finally was able to hang out with her some long enough to take a picture for all the world to see. She at first refused to smile...
I eventually got her to crack up ;) 
My "wokongola chemwali"- beautiful sister. Missing my fun little singing and dancing friend

This is Grace and she is oh so Beautiful.
Dat baby do <3 nbsp="" p="">
they were soooo much fun!
Baby Cedrick was a hoot!
Meet Miracle, the cutest and sassiest baby in Africa.
Little Rascals...
These boys cracked me up at the markets!
Model status...
Such a brave older sister, always taking the best care of her younger siblings
Chichewa: Wokongola
 English: Beautiful
They were singing and dancing for us, lol.
My bible study friend =) 
We strong yo!
A beast soccer player right here
No place I'd rather be...
Church time, this girl had the prettiest dress of all
My friend Lian and I laying down some sweet beats!
She would not let any of the other kids play the drum because she insisted on holding it for me, lol. SASSY PANTS!
This is Gome and he taught me everything I know about African drumming, no lie.
Game time!
this little boy was something else
chillin in the village
my boyfriend Lyod
Baby Earrings! <3 nbsp="" p="">
Meet my little man Lexon, 
 He stole my heart forever <3 nbsp="" p="">

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