Sunday, August 15, 2010

Love Is Marching to His Heartbeat

                                         I feel that I am moving to the rhythm of Your Grace
                                           Your friendship is intoxicating in this secret place
After an awesome summer of going to Malawi, Africa, working cross camp, spending quality time with my sweet lil ole Mammaw before moving, and fellowshiping with awesome friends...That time is almost here again.Yep that's right, COLLEGE, Dun dun duh...
I start band camp this Monday. Last year I was more nervous because I didn't know anyone, now I'm nervous because I do know everyone, haha. This past year I've tried to build relationships and invest in my fellow music major peers and band members. I absolutely love everyone in this group and want to see them know the same God that has radically changed my life! Not know of Him, but truely, intimately know Him and Follow Him. I know this is where God wants me. Though I still have no clue what I'll do with degree, I know God calls me to serve here and now. Not just leading worship in a band but also in every single music group I am in. I'm sick of playing games. I'm sick of being timid and quiet. My eyes are opened and I can love louder. May my life scream Jesus. There's no time to waste. I'm excited to kick off this year. I want to be all there and not miss it. I'm about to enter into a battle field. I want be found faithful. Here's to Sophmore year!

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  1. Praying for you, sweet little drummer girl! You are in for a fantastic year - I just know it!!