Monday, August 9, 2010

Serving Out of Abundance

God showed me so much while I was in Africa. Not only does God call us as sons and daughters to spread the gospel among the Nations, but also our community. Even if that means we find ourselves house to house at some point...where there's a sacrifice there's a gain. There's always the typical rant of "Why are you going somewhere so far away when there are people here in America who need Jesus too..." Mmmm....I'll be honest this always gets me going. Yes, most definitely there are those in America who need to hear that Jesus loves them. I was one of them.

Let's just look at it like this: In American there are millions of bibles printed, sold, and owned.
Heck you could personally choose your own color, graphic design, and even be picky about which size to get. In practically every other country there are less than half the amount of bibles accessible, if there are any to be found at all. You could say that this is because America is such a blessed country, but, in Psalms 103:2 it says "Bless the Lord." Hmmm...How are we to bless the Lord if we keep everything to ourselves? I'm just sayin'. "No one is righteous, no not one."-Romans 3:10. Therefore, EVERYONE needs Jesus. What use does a bible have if it just stays on a shelf collecting dust? There is a day coming where persecution will hit America. It will come subtly and first then rapidly unfold. It's time start writing scripture on our hearts so that if we were ever to have our bible taken away, we can still follow the example Jesus set when tempted, He ministered to himself with the word from memory. Why aren't bibles given to those who'll actually open it and study it? Cause let's face it, we don't do that near enough. The translators I worked with while in Africa really challenged me to become more of a doer of the word as it is written in James 1. These relentless followers shared the gospel everywhere they went, all throughout their own country and community. With no hesitation, without excuses, without limits, and with no complaining...they shared God's Love in such beautiful ways. It reminded me how God calls me right where I am to do the same if not more. It reminded me of what I'm called to do in Monroe, LA as a college student and musician and above all, a daughter of the King. I'm to not only serve but share.

Think about how many shoes we much freakin food there is, not just consumed but wasted...Half of the things we own were not even made here. They were made by some of the most hard working people in the world, those who receive .09 cents a hour if even that much. Food is certainly one thing you don't see near enough of, if any, in other countries. Food, clothing, shelter, clean water, shoes...the list goes on of basic needs that are lacked. Yet, we have far more than enough to last an entire lifetime. Meanwhile, others lose their lives each day with out it. Wow.

If you think I'm crazy than that's cool, I am. People thought Jesus was crazy too. If you don't believe me read the stuff He said. Take a look at passages like Luke 9:23-27.
It's hard to see the acts of in-justice while several others are still so blinded by arrogance and selfish desires. Forsake comfort and the Kingdom is yours- Matthew 5 in a nutshell.

So let's get off our lazy bums and do something for others through Christ that strengthens us.
Read Genesis and meditate. It's not just some random book or simple stories we hear or teach in sunday schools, it's how we came to existence and shows us the depth of sin. Mercy and grace flows through every page. Conviction cuts like a knife when you're comfortable but just think of what God can do when walls are torn down? Ask God to tear down the walls that keep you from being completely surrenedered and sold out. He created us For Him, to serve Him, and to feed His sheep (John 21:17). There's No time to waste. The Time is NOW. We are extremely blessed to have a God that's slow to anger and patient.

                        This is my prayer in the Harvest when favor and providence flow
                                                I know I'm filled to be emptied again
                                                  The seed I've received I will sow

May we become more comfortable with the uncomfortable.

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  1. that is tough stuff, amber. And it is a pretty bold thing to write about. That's why I love you. I love your heart, and I love to hear it. I am praying you, for change in our world, and for myself to quit being lazy and comfortable. Thank you for challenging me. I am lucky to have you as a friend. Love you!